We were founded to help young people orient in the world by increasing their access to knowledge on science art heritage and culture.

We use our creative agency to help bring humanity within a social foundation and an ecological ceiling, working with NGO’s and researchers and government to achieve these shared goals.

We are a team of passionate individuals who believe in the power of creativity to make a positive impact on the world. Our mission is to use our skills and talents to help non-profit organisations and charitable causes achieve their goals and spread their message.

We are advocating for advertising reform, offering our services in public engagement to academics, government and the third sector.

PLW is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation governed by a board of volunteers. Charity Number SC051053

Our Mission

Education equity through media

The Public Learning Workshop aims to provide equitable education in the UK by using advertising space to increase access to information for all.

We believe that education is key to overcoming economic, social, pastoral, and geographical barriers to access and that democracy depends on an informed electorate. To achieve our goal, we advocate for a percentage of all advertising space to be used for public benefit and aim to comprehensively use media to further citizens’ access to education.

By harnessing the power of advertising, we hope to bring about innovative change and promote equal educational opportunities.

Meet The Team

The people who make it all possible.

George McRae, Director

George McRae

Moira Rae, Programme Manager

Moira Rae

Programme Manager
Lisa Craig, Co-ordinator

Lisa Craig

Ida Henrich, Illustrator

Ida Henrich

Jason Kerley, Graphic Designer

Jason Kerley

Graphic Designer





Dr Luke Wainwright, Maya Edwards, James Saville, Tristan Pigott