Identifying Poisonous Plants

A guide to the dangers of poisonous plants found in Scotland, and how to avoid them. Illustrated by Jason Kerley.


Growing Guide For Scotland

A monthly guide for growing fruit and vegetables in Scotland, illustrated by Ida Henrich.


Foraged Pakoras – Part 3 (Cooking Guide)

Rachel makes tasty pakoras using foraged dandelion, nettle, British plantain and sticky-willy.


Foraged Pakoras – Part 2 (The Botany)

Rachel identifies and discusses how to identify the key ingredients in her pakoras and their health benefits.


Foraged Pakoras – Part 1 (Picking the Plants)

Rachel Anderson forages in her close for dandelions, nettles, British plantain and sticky-willy.

Film Commission

(Un)Earthing ~ Plant Knowledge And Dreams

A newly commissioned video artwork by Louise Boer, recalling memories and personal stories of healing with plants.


Bokashi Composter

An axonometric breakdown of how to build a Bokashi composter. Illustrated by Ila Colley.

Art Commission

Worm’s eye view

Ila Coley responds to our Ecopoetics programme with collage painting.