Worm’s eye view

Ila Coley responds to our Ecopoetics programme with collage painting.

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Worm’s eye view

An angled worm’s eye view of some folk harvesting from a veg patch, using elements to evoke the urban setting like background photo collage of curbs and paving, and classical Scottish landscape at centre – the sublime being excavated with the carrots. Soil layers populated by different organisms, mites, fungi, worms, moles, roots. Part of the idea in producing this piece was to ‘evoke a sense of collaboration, discovery, unearthing and autonomy’, in line with our vision for the Ecopoetics project.


Produced as part of Ecopoetics, a year-long programme engaging Scottish young people with nature and greenspace. Ecopoetics is created in partnership with the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine and aims to increase access to knowledge about local plants, producers and their health benefits and inspire young people to take charge of their own food conception for the benefit of the environment and health.

The Scottish School of Herbal Medicine was established in 1992. Externally validated by the University of Wales to maintain autonomy, the School’s reputation is further enhanced by our insisting that all our teachers have to be practitioners in their own field to bring direct relevance to experiential practice. We also place an emphasis on energetic Traditional systems such as Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Humoral medicine as well as the Traditional shamanic worldview. Our commitment to the Goethean Contemplative approach to plant and person study along with our unique teaching approach using the pharmacology of taste for direct experiential learning means that our professional training and post graduate herbal programmes are rated as the best in the country and indeed, further a field judging from the number of international students we have worked with over the years.